Magic rules the world. Nearly one hundred years have passed since Beh’rhun initially discovered magic. In that time he grew from a simple farmer, to chieftain, to king, and finally to emperor of the majority of the world. Though Beh’ruhn was swift to crush his enemies and ultimately secure control, he was a kind and just man. As he grew in knowledge so did his sons, Andar and Kunar. Andar, the eldest, is the pinnacle of military prowess. A brilliant tactician, inspirational leader, and cunning fighter, all bolstered by his innate understanding of magic. Kunar is the considered the most powerful Mage in existence with Beh’ruhn himself his only potential rival.
Five years have passed since this death of Beh’ruhn, and mystery surrounds the details of his fall. Both Andar and Kunar were present in his final moments though neither will relay more than minor details. After his death Andar claimed the throne however the outer provinces are making motions of declaring independence. Kunar, headmaster of the Imperial Academy of Magic for the past forty years has left his position after many disagreements with his brothers methods of rule. Relocating in a town not far from the capital city Kunar founds a new “public” Academy of Arcane Tradition further drawing a rift in the brothers relationship. Andar, the stresses of his position drawing on him, begins to suspect that the newly founded academy is a breeding ground for a brewing rebellion. Nothing could be further form the the truth. The academy welcomes any and all to expand the the general knowledge of the magical and scientific arts.

Folly of the Forlorn